Brenden Lake in Science and the NYTimes (among other outlets).- 12.10.2015

Todd will be talking about some of our research at the psychology department at RPI, Oct 21st.- 10.19.2015

Todd will be talking about some of our research at the psychology department at Rutgers Newark, May 27th.- 5.26.2015

Congratulations to lab affiliate Brenden Lake who will receive the 2015 Robert J. Glusko dissertation prize for his thesis work at MIT! - 4.15.2015

What is the best, general purpose counterbalancing algorithm for experiment designs?- 4.30.2014 (David)

On the identifiability of parameters in reinforcement learning models: a simulation study. - 10.21.2013 (David)

The Department of Psychology and the Center for Data Science (CDS) at New York University invite applications for an open rank tenure-track faculty position.- 12.2.2016 (Todd)

The Psychology Department in the Faculty of Arts and Science at New York University invites applications for a tenure-track assistant professor position in decision-making, neuroeconomics, and/or reinforcement learning.- 11.2.2015 (Todd)

unnamed former student (john mcdonnell) solves big problems using behavioral data and math.- 8.12.2014 (Todd)

Interested in online data collection? Help us help you! Fill out quick survey on your needs/interests. Please share!- 3.14.2014 (Todd)

Sunny sunday hack: custom programmable slide decks.- 9.22.2013 (Todd)

Check out this short movie trailer for the "Robots, Brains, and the Human Mind" course at NYU.- 5.23.2013 (Todd)

Richard Feynman on the value of incremental science and the dangers of "Cargo Cult Science" - 3.26.2013 (Todd)

Amazon's Mechanical Turk (AMT) now has a official blog that publishes information relevant to academic researchers (e.g., how to improve data quality). (RT experimentalturk)- 9.5.2012 (Todd)

Software to watch: the Julia Language. A high-level, high-performance dynamic programming language for technical computing. (via Nathaniel Daw)- 7.15.2012 (Todd)

Teaching with a Jetpack: How open source teaching materials changed the way I teach

Open source pratices have revolutionized software, is revolutionizing science, and maybe next up is teaching?

Postdoc Position on Task Representation in Virtual Reality

We are looking to hire a postdoc working at the intersection of cognitive science, reinforcement learning, and data science with a specific emphasis in future generation of psychological studies using Virtual/Augmented Reality.

Conference Highlights – NAACL 2018

Pam Popp and Anselm Rothe report back on their presentations at the North American Association of Computational Lingusitics (NAACL) where the lab presented our entry to the Duolingo SLAM competition.

pam and anselm at naacl 2018

Join us for a PhD!

Graduate admissions are right around the corner, and my lab is looking for exceptional candidates interested in computational modeling and higher-level cognition. Read more

Conference Highlights – Cognitive Computational Neuroscience 2017

Last week, the 2017 Cognitive Computational Neuroscience conference was held at Columbia University and lab member Pam Popp jotted down this report about the state of the field and a brief on our poster!